30 things to do before I am 30!

I have finally reached that point in life when I realise I am no longer a spring chicken and apparently the more time passes the more it seems to speed up! So I created a list of 30 things to do before I am 30 in an attempt to enjoy and challenge myself for the last part of my twenties and lets see if I manage to get through it all before the BIG 3-0 creeps up on me!

1.  Learn Dutch

2. Run a marathon

3. Travel to all European (E.U.) countries [I have only 8 left]

(Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia)

4. Learn Italiandiploma

5. Make a family tradition

6. Write and self publish a book

7. Go to Ibiza for club night

8. Ride a motorbike


9. Make a will

10. Learn how to play one full song on a guitar

11. Overcome a fear

12. Make a family tree

13. Fly in a hot air balloon

14. Learn one full tango routine

15. Celebrate Hogmanay in Edinburgh

16. Walk the West Highland Way

17. Go to a life drawing class

18. See Aurora Borealis

19. Get a henna tattoo

20. Bake a three tier cake

21. See “The Last Supper”

22. Go camping for a weekend (properly….not glamping!)

23. Take a self defence class

24. Create a family recipe book

25. Visit amazon rain forest

26. Knit something

27. See an Italian opera in Italy

28. Read “War and Peace”

29. Become a vegetarian for one month

30. Cycle from Rotterdam to Bruges


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