New best friend – cute backpack!

Bag1   Then I browsed through the travel blogs where people wrote about their experiences and pointed out key advice on how to pick a backpack that is suitable for the type of traveller that you are. (Thank you travel bloggers!)  Armed with all of this knowledge I went shopping. 


I wanted a backpack that was not the traditional traveller type.  It was important to me to have something that I could also use in the city and not just hiking in the mountains.  I limited myself to a max of 25 litre capacity.  My previous backpack was 46 litres and that was too big even for my last extended trip of 2 months in South America.  It turned out that even 22 litres is really surprisingly sufficient.  I chose something that did offer different pockets and a place for my MacBook – even though I did not intend to carry it with me all the time.  Furthermore, it was important to have a good back padding and especially good padding on the handles – so if you put it on your bare shoulders it will not cut you.  I found this Hershel Supply 22 Litre backpack in an awesome print (horses) and just fell in love.  It was cute and colourful and most importantly practical.  I did have a momentary panic at the purchase counter thinking I might have been wrong on the size, however as it turned out the size was perfect.  I managed to pack for one whole week of holiday in Jordan in just this backpack.  For a girl – I thought it was the ultimate achievement.  Not only did I sqeeze in all my hiking stuff – but also a few cute outfits for the evening.  


My new LOVE found!


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