Work in progress

IMG_0894So I decided that I am definitely going to complete one of the things on my bucket list next year. I will (trying to sound confident here) complete the Rotterdam marathon next year! I started training and so far (although there have been moments of feeling totally destroyed) I have managed to stick to my training schedule!

Apart from the motivation of the list and the fact that it will be the 35th anniversary of the Rotterdam marathon next year, which promises an awesome event, I have also been heavily motivated by the agreement made with my colleague. We used to have a jar full of sweets in our office but since starting my running I have refused to refill the naughty jar! So he has kindly renamed it “The promise jar”. I promised to stick to my training schedule otherwise I have to “donate” €5 to the jar for the purchase of some healthy snacks for the office! So far the jar is empty bitcheeess!!! Super proud of myself!!!

“Must keep going”


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